Many online casino games are based on different elements in popular culture and entertainment in music and film. This article provides a list of online casino games which are based on famous rock ‘n roll bands. By visiting Playster’s state of the art mobile casino you can find many different casino games based on Rock ‘n Roll Bands.

The Rolling Stones Slot

The first Rolling Stones online casino slot game was released in 2015 and there are many more online casino slots based on the band’s music. The slots encompass most of the band’s greatest history while playing the slot game to try and win some extra cash. The slot game includes hits such as Paint it Black, Satisfaction, and Start Me Up.

ZZ Top Slots

ZZ Top is a very well-known rock ‘n roll band that started in 1969 in Houston, Texas. There are many different ZZ Top online casino slots available online and you can find most of their hits on these slot games. Some of these slot names include ZZ Top Live from Vegas, ZZ Top Live from Texas, and ZZ Top Roadside Riches Slot.

AC/DC Themed Slot Game

The Highway To Hell slot game is based on one of AC/DC’s songs of the same name as the slot. AC/DC is an Australian rock band. They were formed in Sydney in 1973 and is one of the most prolific Hard Rock bands in history, still making music to this day. Find Highway To Hell online casino slot online and enjoy.

These online casino slot games with rock ‘n roll themes can keep any rock ‘n roll fan entertained while playing for extra cash and trying their luck on winnings. Rock ‘n roll is one of the longest living music genres and will provide many more slots and games on online casinos.